April 2023

Technology and New Methods for Hydrogen Production, Storage, and Applications

March 2023

Reducing the Corrosion of Coated Carbon Steel Pumps Under Present Conditions of Temperature, Pressures, Flow Rate and Fluid Composition of Injected Waters

Membrane Gas Separation: Recent Technologies

February 2023

Geochemistry and Hydrochemistry of Groundwater

The Effect of Mineral Dust on Oceanic Productivity

December 2022

Anticancer Properties in Sea

November 2022

Production of Seabass in Aquaculture Program

October 2022


Iron and Vitamins

Wave Forces on Slender Submarine Pipelines

Partial Animal Disease

Powder Materials in Industry

April 2022

KISR Open Access Scientific Published Papers 2010-2020

Wastewater Management in Arid & Semi-Arid Regions as a Mitigation Measure to Combat Climate Change Bibliography

March 2022

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Ecological Monitoring and Evaluation of Success of Active Revegetation of Degraded Terrestrial Ecosystems Under Kerp

December 2021

Open Access Source Guide

November 2021

Use of Big Data in the Economy

Food Safety

Sea Level Rise and Their Effect on the Coastal Areas and Marine Environment

October 2021